Jaime Mitchell versus Carly Skelly

Jaime Mitchell defends her world title against Carly Skelly. Both these ladies have interesting stories. Jaime Mitchell had a tough life growing up and with perseverance became a world champion. Carly Skelly is a nurse who picked up boxing as a hobby and eventually became a WBC International Titleist.

Jaime Mitchell: Long range boxer with inside attacking skill

You see Jaime Mitchell move and punch, and you can tell she is well schooled boxer. She likes the long range, initiates her offense from the outside–she steps with her punches, especially her jab. However, when she gets close after her initial step, she doesn’t just bounce back outside. She can throw combinations of hooks on the inside as well. This ability of hers actually got her in some trouble her last fight because she was there to be countered. Nevertheless, it is a good skill to possess. I would think she just needs to be a little mindful of her exit. From the looks of it, she probably doesn’t get countered enough to have to change anything.

She has nice footwork. In one of her past fights, the commentators mentioned she had worked with Kenny Adams. I can see that with her backward shifts; I met Kenny Adams once and he called those stutter steps.

She seems to have decent enough power and throws power shots. The damage she causes appears to be by accumulation rather than a death touch.

She has long range boxing and can attack from the outside. She does not seem to favor the mid-range. She can attack on the inside as well. Can she defend on the inside? This is an open question.

Carly Skelly: Offensive minded southpaw

Another southpaw. Another aggressive southpaw. She is similar to Jaime Mitchell in that she can imitate her offense from the outside with a stepping jab. The difference is when she gets inside, she has no qualms about clinch work. I don’t hate that. I like some good clinching, good strategic clinching. She does seem hittable when steps in.


Long range. Long range. Inside combinations. Inside clinching. Both will start off trying to move forward. They have similar strategies at long range. I wonder who will be better at countering at the long range.

Will the clinching of Skelly overcome the inside attack of Mitchell?

This fight is hard for me to decide. I think ultimately Mitchell’s power should carry her to victory, as Skelly seems available to hit.

If Skelly can either counter or stay at long range and use her southpaw footwork to pivot away from Mitchell’s right hand, she can win. But I am skeptical that she can because she hasn’t done that in her fights.

I see Mitchell walking Skelly down and landing hooks. Skelly can delay the power shots by clinching, but if she can’t establish her own offense, she won’t be able to win.

I’m sorta interested in watching now.


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